Better Health

As I was looking for different sources of information that students might find more interesting I thought an app must have been made. As I thought, there was an app for healthy living, ‘better health’. The app offers so many different types of health support from food recipes to first aid support and even information on drug use. If students were to download this app as a source for general information it would be able to be used in health classes and can then be used to student inquiry as they might find it easier and more user friendly over having to Google search every question they have. It would replace teachers having to print out numerous fact sheets that can get lost and would also limit the amount of time wasted trying to get onto the school internet. Once the app is downloaded they can use it anywhere. You might only find this app interesting if you are in the health and physical education field, however, I recommend that you look at the app store as you could find a gems for your topic area.

App store

Search ‘Better Health’

Free download


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