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For those HPE students who haven’t seen this yet, it is a must!

The BrianMac site goes through many of the areas that are covered in secondary HPE. It covers everything from nutrition to biomechanics and phychology. Not only is this effective for student use hut it is also very helpful if you are unsure about a new topic or a topic you haven’t taught for a while.  


Mathletics changing learning as we know it!

I remember hearing about mathletics, yet have never looked into it. That is until now! 

Mathletics is an online learning portal for students from age 5 to 18 and offers a variety of learning opportunities at any time. The program has over 10,000 school involved and over 3.5 million students. It’s huge! The reason why this website is so popular is because it allows students to progress at their own pace in their own time. It uses thousands of activities with instant feedback to keep students engaged and aware of what they are doing correctly or incorrectly. As my second teaching area is mathematics this could be an extremely helpful tool if a school was willing to get onboard. It would take the tediousness out of homework with instant feedback and interesting activities. It would also save an enormous amount of time trying to check homework during precious class hours.

Go onto their website and watch their video on why mathletics works!

Better Health

As I was looking for different sources of information that students might find more interesting I thought an app must have been made. As I thought, there was an app for healthy living, ‘better health’. The app offers so many different types of health support from food recipes to first aid support and even information on drug use. If students were to download this app as a source for general information it would be able to be used in health classes and can then be used to student inquiry as they might find it easier and more user friendly over having to Google search every question they have. It would replace teachers having to print out numerous fact sheets that can get lost and would also limit the amount of time wasted trying to get onto the school internet. Once the app is downloaded they can use it anywhere. You might only find this app interesting if you are in the health and physical education field, however, I recommend that you look at the app store as you could find a gems for your topic area.

App store

Search ‘Better Health’

Free download


Using sport to change students lives and schools culture

Using sport to change students lives and schools culture

I was thinking about different types of websites and technologies to share on my blog and realized that there is one we all know that is still extremely useful and under underutilized, YouTube. I did a simple search on my area, sports, and found this incredible video that depicts a school that was struggling to get attendance over 40% and through the integration of sport every morning attendance rocketed to over 70%. In this school sport is used to create a sense of belonging which help build confidence and enables students to find their place within the school. I believe that ICTs can be used in a similar way to assist in students confidence and belonging as they may feel more comfortable being able to do things with familiar technology. Not only do I encourage you to watch this video, especially SHPE students,  I recommend that you have a quick search on YouTube in your teaching area.  


Teacher Tips

Teacher Tips

This is only a short read (couple of hundred words) about getting students to research a new task. It has a few suggestions that can be helpful when asking students to do internet searches on a new topic. It get the students thinking about prior knowledge and then allows the student to further understand what are the key elements they need to search. This eliminates the wasted time of students plugging in words that may not be key or useful in their search for knowledge. Only a quick read and could be helpful in our upcoming practical placement. 

Click on the ” Teacher Tips” link or 


My Next Trick

My Next Trick

I have previously heard about prezi, however, never ventured into using it. I would have previously have done a PowerPoint as I found it sufficient. After having a play around on prezi I have found it to be very similar to a PowerPoint and somewhat more interesting and fun. It gives you the option to run it in a sequential order or if you want to skip to a certain slide you can also do so. I makes the links between point much more fluent and obvious as you can see which sections tie together. If you ever feel the need to knock up a quick PowerPoint to show to the class I think prezi will be a much more interesting way to cover the information.