Motivation doesn’t seem to be in the air

I can certainly see where Jacob is coming from! With that being said, having all of the sources of at my disposal make it much easier to do blog posts and also takes a load off compared to the previous weeks. If we had same work load as the first few weeks, I would probably not be writing this post right now. It also helps with motivation that the learning path for the week seems much more relevant for our assessment and teaching in the classroom.


Hey guys

So I don’t know about you but I seem to have lost a little motivation in this course. After scrapping the three blog posts per week for the first three weeks, it feels like we are starting all over again. I am still a fair way of completing my artefact and then we already have lots of information/whatever else we are getting fed towards assignment 2. I must admit, I’m more excited to actually go out on prac, teach students hpe and if the scenario suits, then implement various components of ICT. Having completed two years of uni utilising the Essential Learnings, I am looking forward to re acquainting myself with those documents and designing a unit plan which will of course be based on HPE. Hope you guys have more motivation than I do right now, back to completing that learning journal because procrastinating on my artefact seems…

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