How to ICT in HPE

A really good idea for thos PE teachers and even teachers of the arts!

Sam myself and I

Hey guys, found a really good piece from the PE Team website about using video recording as a means of assessment, have a read:

Video recording as assessment purpose:
The next, most complicated level, in the use of video in your classroom would be to use video for assessment. There are various ways and levels in which this can take place. Students could film themselves at the beginning of a unit and film themselves again at the end of a unit and compare and explain the improvement they have made in the process. Another option would be to film the end result where students perform an analysis on the action undertaken. A good app to use for these purposes would be either iMovie (when you do not require drawing on the clips) or Coaches Eye which does allow you to draw on the clips, giving the students a chance…

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Hockey World Cup

Hockey World Cup

Everyone is caught up with the soccer world cup and not many would even know we are in the final for the field hockey world cup tonight! The Kookaburras are looking to beat Netherlands at 11pm tonight. The aussies are up against it with the Netherlands having a strong home army flooding the stadium in orange. Yes this is slightly relevant to the course as it is on a live stream! A really good use of youtubes resources  

Good news comes to those who wait…. sometimes

I got my placement too! Mine is in my secondary teaching area but hopefully I will be able to teach some HPE as well. I have emailed my mentor twice with no response yet :/ If this goes on much longer I might have to call the uni because I have no idea what I am teaching! Clearly I am not the only one in this situation so hopefully they both reply soon Jacob


Hey guys

So I have some good news, I have given a placement for prac. I think the prac lady was more relieved than I was to know that I will be able to given the opportunity to pass my degree. This is quite good news and the school in only approximately 20kms away so not too far and its going to be HPE for the majority so that is even better news. Now lets hope the site coordinator replies today so we can arrange a meeting so I have a rough idea on the content I will be teaching. I hope you all are bit more familiar with the school, mentor and content than I am at the moment. Quite glad that we don’t have to blog during our prac. Anyways, good luck everyone with their prac and no doubt most of you will blog about it when you…

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Selecting the right ICT’s isn’t always easy, but sometimes you just have to ‘try it and see’.

Well this is one of the more in depth posts I have seen! Really well written and very interesting as it uses first hand examples of what works and why. This would have taken some time to write and is worth your time to read

justinmarks2911: The official blog site of Justin Marks.

Information and Communications Technologies has to be my subject of choice. It was the first thing I turned to once I had graduated from high school and even though I never managed to land a career in the industry, it still remained a hobby of mine. It’s a subject that I would like to think that I know quite well and would feel fairly comfortable teaching.


The school of hard ‘Rocks’.

This semester (Semester 1 of my third year at University) presents me with a subject that I have ‘taken by the horns’. I love the idea of using technology in the classroom and choosing ICT as my subject of choice is a ‘no-brainer’ in that regard. Science is my second subject of choice, but considering I haven’t touched anything science related since I left high school, it has presented me with a steep learning curve.

I had to…

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Do Schools Kill Creativity

This is a really interesting video that needs to be thought about. I believe that it can certainly be the case, however, that is no fault of the school place, rather the teacher and the environment they create. Interesting video that some current teachers would benefit from watching


I saw this video a little while ago and thought it was relevant. So the question is; Do schools kill creativity?
I think it depends on the teacher, I have been in classrooms where the teacher is monotonous and children are literally falling asleep, but i have also been in classrooms where teachers bring excitement to their students and their students are given the opportunity to be creative.
I believe ICT’s give students the opportunity to be creative and display information in creative ways. This itself is a great reason to include ICT’s into the curriculum.

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Sports teacher assemble

For those HPE students who haven’t seen this yet, it is a must!

The BrianMac site goes through many of the areas that are covered in secondary HPE. It covers everything from nutrition to biomechanics and phychology. Not only is this effective for student use hut it is also very helpful if you are unsure about a new topic or a topic you haven’t taught for a while.