Was it just me that was lazy over holidays?

This is exactly where I am coming from at this point in time! Nice to see that fellow students are going through the same struggles. Hopefully we can get out them quick


Hey guys

So I received an email for David telling me that I’m quite close to not passing the whole learning journal. Not the nicest thing you want to wake up to on the first day back however, least it was a wake up call that the holidays are indeed over and that uni work must resume. Over these holidays, I must admit that not much uni work has been done other than the majority of assignment 2 for this course. I have pretty much disregarded my other assignments for every other subject so hopefully fingers crossed, thing will plan out and magically they will get done!

Also just some happy news for some, the assignment has been apparently extended for a week!

Happy Blogging

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Old dog new tricks

I am struggling to find new forms of technology or different way to use it, however, my parents aren’t. It seems that what seems common place can be such a distant idea for my elders. It was today at lunch when my mother wanted to know the netball scores so I thought I would just see if there was an app to check the scores. There was. It was hard for my mother to comprehend how I knew there would be an app for the netball. She couldn’t understand why I would think there was an app and why I would just search it. My mother is pretty up to date with her technology use and yet this strand of thought hasn’t developed yet. Weather this is due to her experience with apps or her embedded thought process that is yet to have changed, I don’t know. Just an interesting insight into thought process’ of a different age group.

Mathletics changing learning as we know it!

I remember hearing about mathletics, yet have never looked into it. That is until now! 

Mathletics is an online learning portal for students from age 5 to 18 and offers a variety of learning opportunities at any time. The program has over 10,000 school involved and over 3.5 million students. It’s huge! The reason why this website is so popular is because it allows students to progress at their own pace in their own time. It uses thousands of activities with instant feedback to keep students engaged and aware of what they are doing correctly or incorrectly. As my second teaching area is mathematics this could be an extremely helpful tool if a school was willing to get onboard. It would take the tediousness out of homework with instant feedback and interesting activities. It would also save an enormous amount of time trying to check homework during precious class hours.

Go onto their website and watch their video on why mathletics works! http://www.mathletics.com.au/


Today I was scrolling through some YouTube videos and got onto some old EDC3100 videos! Web based artefacts from previous and current students are there to be seen and shared. It is good to see how other students took a different outlook on the same assignment and the strategies they used as there is not one correct way to use ICTs effectively in the classroom.  

Here is one from last year that I have looked at. Very different to what mine looked like! I suggest you YouTube search EDC 3100 and take a look at the different ideas people have used

Plan Ninety Days of Blogging in Ninety Minutes (Or Less)

I’m not sure about the rest of 3100 students but I am struggling to keep on task! This might be my solution and yours too! This shows how in roughly an hour we could pass the rest of our online blogging section of our course! I have given a trial run to see how it goes!

The Daily Post

If you’re having trouble keeping your blog on track, a calendar may be just what the blogger ordered. We always have ’em for The Daily Post and Hot off the Press — they help us organize and space out the topics we want to cover, and they let us relax knowing that come April 5th, 15th, and 25th, post ideas will be at the ready. We may re-organize as we go or toss in new posts based on how the blogular winds are blowing, but we can trust in the basic structure.

Even if you’re not posting every day, a calendar can help you stay motivated, develop good blogging habits, and grow your readership. Take a few minutes to work through these five steps, and sketch out a solid 90-day blogging plan.

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Motivation doesn’t seem to be in the air

I can certainly see where Jacob is coming from! With that being said, having all of the sources of at my disposal make it much easier to do blog posts and also takes a load off compared to the previous weeks. If we had same work load as the first few weeks, I would probably not be writing this post right now. It also helps with motivation that the learning path for the week seems much more relevant for our assessment and teaching in the classroom.


Hey guys

So I don’t know about you but I seem to have lost a little motivation in this course. After scrapping the three blog posts per week for the first three weeks, it feels like we are starting all over again. I am still a fair way of completing my artefact and then we already have lots of information/whatever else we are getting fed towards assignment 2. I must admit, I’m more excited to actually go out on prac, teach students hpe and if the scenario suits, then implement various components of ICT. Having completed two years of uni utilising the Essential Learnings, I am looking forward to re acquainting myself with those documents and designing a unit plan which will of course be based on HPE. Hope you guys have more motivation than I do right now, back to completing that learning journal because procrastinating on my artefact seems…

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