How to ICT in HPE

A really good idea for thos PE teachers and even teachers of the arts!

Sam myself and I

Hey guys, found a really good piece from the PE Team website about using video recording as a means of assessment, have a read:

Video recording as assessment purpose:
The next, most complicated level, in the use of video in your classroom would be to use video for assessment. There are various ways and levels in which this can take place. Students could film themselves at the beginning of a unit and film themselves again at the end of a unit and compare and explain the improvement they have made in the process. Another option would be to film the end result where students perform an analysis on the action undertaken. A good app to use for these purposes would be either iMovie (when you do not require drawing on the clips) or Coaches Eye which does allow you to draw on the clips, giving the students a chanceā€¦

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