Selecting the right ICT’s isn’t always easy, but sometimes you just have to ‘try it and see’.

Well this is one of the more in depth posts I have seen! Really well written and very interesting as it uses first hand examples of what works and why. This would have taken some time to write and is worth your time to read

justinmarks2911: The official blog site of Justin Marks.

Information and Communications Technologies has to be my subject of choice. It was the first thing I turned to once I had graduated from high school and even though I never managed to land a career in the industry, it still remained a hobby of mine. It’s a subject that I would like to think that I know quite well and would feel fairly comfortable teaching.


The school of hard ‘Rocks’.

This semester (Semester 1 of my third year at University) presents me with a subject that I have ‘taken by the horns’. I love the idea of using technology in the classroom and choosing ICT as my subject of choice is a ‘no-brainer’ in that regard. Science is my second subject of choice, but considering I haven’t touched anything science related since I left high school, it has presented me with a steep learning curve.

I had to…

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