Plan Ninety Days of Blogging in Ninety Minutes (Or Less)

I’m not sure about the rest of 3100 students but I am struggling to keep on task! This might be my solution and yours too! This shows how in roughly an hour we could pass the rest of our online blogging section of our course! I have given a trial run to see how it goes!

The Daily Post

If you’re having trouble keeping your blog on track, a calendar may be just what the blogger ordered. We always have ’em for The Daily Post and Hot off the Press — they help us organize and space out the topics we want to cover, and they let us relax knowing that come April 5th, 15th, and 25th, post ideas will be at the ready. We may re-organize as we go or toss in new posts based on how the blogular winds are blowing, but we can trust in the basic structure.

Even if you’re not posting every day, a calendar can help you stay motivated, develop good blogging habits, and grow your readership. Take a few minutes to work through these five steps, and sketch out a solid 90-day blogging plan.

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