Using sport to change students lives and schools culture

Using sport to change students lives and schools culture

I was thinking about different types of websites and technologies to share on my blog and realized that there is one we all know that is still extremely useful and under underutilized, YouTube. I did a simple search on my area, sports, and found this incredible video that depicts a school that was struggling to get attendance over 40% and through the integration of sport every morning attendance rocketed to over 70%. In this school sport is used to create a sense of belonging which help build confidence and enables students to find their place within the school. I believe that ICTs can be used in a similar way to assist in students confidence and belonging as they may feel more comfortable being able to do things with familiar technology. Not only do I encourage you to watch this video, especially SHPE students,  I recommend that you have a quick search on YouTube in your teaching area.  


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