Are we studying for no reason?

This will open your eyes up!


Alright so some of you may have seen the did you know video on the study desk and if not< I do suggest you do so. This did you know video may not be as surprising as the one made in 2007 however, there was one thing that really caught my attention. According to this, the amount of technology is doubling every 2 years, and apparently, third year students like us who are doing a four year university course, half of what we have learnt in our first year will already be outdated.

So this raises another issue, in 2 years time when most of us become full time teachers, will most of what we learn in this course be relevant? Are we just wasting our time learning about all these different interactive, educational ICT sources when in two years time, there will be a range of new technological/educational advances…

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