Helpful videos

Helpful videos

Ever tried using a video to start off a new topic within the classroom?

I have always tried to get the students excited for a topic to try and increase the willingness to learn. This can include games or an activity, however they can take up time and you might not have a great idea for every topic. This link I found off investigating Teacher Tv which I saw being used by a tutor in another class. It gave me several links for different pages that teachers would find helpful. This first page was one that has different categories for different subjects. As I am minoring in maths and majoring in HPE I chose the maths category that used a sports example. The video offers multiple maths questions that you could work through as a class. This would be effective as many students could relate to the relevance of the task in ‘ real life’.

For more links to similar pages like this, google search ‘TeachersTv’. There is a UK link and an Australian link. I find the UK link more helpful, however, it’s up to you.


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